Our machine equipment enables to produce:

  • turning up to ø750mm in the length of 2000mm
  • gear cutting on Gleason, Lees-Bradner, Heckert and Pfauter machines
    • spur and helical gears up to ø1000mm and maximum module 16
    • bevels
    • sprockets
    • worms and worm gears
  • broaching of keyways and internal spline on the Arthur Klink machine
  • slotting of internal gears and racks
  • cylindrical grinding up to ø500mm in the maximum length 2000mm
  • gear grinding up to ø750mm and a maximum module of 16 on Gleason, Reishauer machines
  • 3D measure Wenzel
  • gear inspection and analysis on the Zeiss-Höfler measuring device, including the production of protocols

For other required operations we ensure cooperation on production.

GMC tech s.r.o.